Garbage will be a pricey thing to waste when charges come into play

Hong Kong | Mar 20, 2017 19:12
A three-person Hong Kong household could expect to pay at least HK$50 a month for garbage disposed in a 15-liter bag once a charging mechanism takes effect in the second half of 2019, the Environment Bureau explained today. Households will also have to pay for the waste bags.
Household waste will be charged by weight and by the number of bags, the Environment Secretary Wong Kam-sing, (pictured), said today.
"If a three-member household uses a 15-liter designated garbage bag, for daily waste disposal, it will have to pay about HK$1.7 per day. If a smaller volume of 10-liter designated garbage bag is used, it will have to pay HK$1.1 instead. Dump less, and save more,'' Wong advised.
A one-liter bag will cost 11 HK cents in the first three years.
Municipal solid waste disposal will be charged at HK$365 per ton, Wong said. Such waste disposed of at the four urban refuse transfer stations and the North West New Territories Transfer Station would be charged at HK$395 per ton.
Municipal solid waste comprises solid waste from households, commercial and industrial sources.
Food waste makes up the biggest chunk of municipal solid waste in Hong Kong.
More than 6,400 tons of domestic waste is disposed in Hong Kong every day. Such waste accounted for the bulk of solid waste dumped in landfills in Hong Kong in 2015, a report says.
The bill on waste charging will be introduced to the Legislative Council in the second quarter of this year.
"Taking into account the time required for the scrutiny of the bill and a preparatory period of 12 to 18 months after the passage of the legislation, it is expected that the waste charging would be implemented in the second half of 2019 at the earliest,'' Wong said.
Those who are not complying with the requirements will face a HK$1,500 fixed penalty. Repeat offenders could be prosecuted.
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department workers will check if the waste handed over to them has been properly wrapped in designated garbage bags or attached with oversized waste labels. Waste that does not comply with disposal methods, will be rejected.-The Standard

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