Chu Hoi-dick fears more disqualifications

Hong Kong | Jul 17, 2017 18:05
Pan-democratic legislators say they are worried that more of their colleagues may be stripped of their seats, following the disqualification of four former opposition lawmakers over the way they took their oaths of office. 
The High Court is set to hear a legal challenge against the Land Justice League's Chu Hoi-dick and Civic Passion's Cheng Chung-tai next Wednesday, in which a citizen has questioned the legality of their oaths. 
Chu and Cheng – who were returned in New Territories West – had shouted slogans during their oath taking ceremony. A voter in their constituency has filed the challenge.
Chu said it is likely that both him and Cheng will be disqualified. He called the latest legal challenge against the pro-democracy camp a third wave of "strategic attack" on the opposition.
"What we are facing ... is the third phase of attack from the pro-establishment camp. We have passed through all the legal requirements so it is a nonsense that after all these months, everything can be reversed by only a citizen filing a law case against us”, he said.-RTHK

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