(Consumer tech - iPhone X) A canvas for photos

Business | Sep 13, 2017 19:11
As soon as you see the iPhone X up close, you’ll realize that it’s nothing like any of the previous models that Apple has released during the past decade.
But you might notice striking similarities with some of the sleek smartphones that Samsung, Google and others have been churning out during the past year or two.
Like its rivals, Apple has finally got around to making a phone with a display that stretched from one edge to the other, a nod to consumers’ desire for a millimetres more space to view their photos, watch movies and TV shows, read books and play games.
In that sense, Apple is playing a game of catch-up with the iPhone X — a name that refers to the Roman numeral for "10.” But the device still manages to live up to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ mandate to "think different.”
The iPhone X comes with what appears to be sophisticated facial recognition. On a basic level, that allows its owner to unlock the phone with a quick glance. But it also opens the door for a menagerie of emojis that can be controlled and manipulated with facial expressions and voice.
The phone also provides a canvas for photos, thanks to a superior camera and a souped-up screen Apple calls a "Super Retina” display.
Priced at almost US$1,000, an unprecedented price for a mass market phone, it will probably be a hot commodity among status seekers and affluent consumers. Such buyers won’t flinch at paying an extra US$300 to own a phone with attractive but still mostly marginal improvements, based on about 20 minutes The Associated Press spent with the phone in a controlled demo room Tuesday.

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