Five dead, 32 injured in Tsing Yi coach crash

Friday, November 30, 2018

Five people were killed and 32 injured when a coach carrying Cathay Pacific staff to Hong Kong's airport collided with a taxi today morning, police said, with passengers thrown from the coach's windows on impact.

The back half of the taxi was completely crushed and both sides of the bus were damaged with traces of blood on the outside following the crash on the island of Tsing Yi.

Police said the collision had happened in the left lane of the main road -- the taxi had stopped with its hazard lights on and the coach ploughed into it.

"We believe the taxi was broken down and stopped in the left lane of the road. Around 40 seconds later, a coach hit it from behind," police superintendent Yip Siu-ming said.

The coach then lost control, Yip added, hitting the right hand side crash barrier and then the left one and throwing three passengers out of the coach. The 62-year-old driver was also hurled from the vehicle and injured.

The taxi driver, two men and two women coach passengers were killed, according to police.

Hong Kong's hospital authority said one person remained in critical condition and another in serious condition.

The rest of the injured were either stable or had been released from hospital.

Debris including glass and personal belongings was strewn across the main road, which remained closed early today.

Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific confirmed "a shuttle bus carrying our employees was involved in a traffic accident this morning".

"It is a tragic and very sad incident. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of those who have sadly passed away," the airline said.