Grinning tiger no laughing matter

Central Station | Mar 17, 2017
Sensitive to public ridicule, the Indonesian military has removed a statue of a grinning, cartoon-like tiger from outside an army base, after it sparked a flood of online mockery.

The tiger is the mascot for the local military, but the one at the entrance to the small base in Cisewu -- which had a broad grin and cuboid head -- quickly became a laughing stock after pictures of it were posted online.

Critics said it looked more a like a cartoon character than a fearsome military symbol.

"My head hurts trying to suppress my laughter looking at the memes of the Cisewu tiger," said one Twitter user.

With no sign of the furore abating, the military removed the mascot that had stood outside the base on top of a sign for six years.

"Tigers should look fierce because they represent bravery and resilience," military spokesman Mokhamad Desi Arianto told media.

"When some people criticized the statue for looking funny, we couldn't ignore it."

A new tiger statue will be erected in its place.

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