Teen punches above weight in jaws of death

Central Station | Mar 20, 2017
What was supposed to be a fun late night swim in a river in Australia's northeastern coast turned into a near disaster for 18-year-old Lee de Paauw who was attacked by a crocodile shortly after he jumped into the water.

His left arm was locked in the crocodile's jaws, but quick thinking and guts enabled him to save his own life. The teenager used his free arm to punch the crocodile in the head, thereby freeing himself from its clutches.

He then scrambled out of the water with the help of his friends.

Said Neil Noble, senior operations supervisor at the Queensland Ambulance Service: "He's very fortunate that he survived this incident and was able to be rescued [he's] due to undergo surgery for extensive injuries to his arm."

Crocodiles are common in Australia's north where numbers have increased since the introduction of protection laws in 1971.

Crocodiles kill an average of two people each year in Australia.

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