Wealth gap grows as rich get even richer

Business | Samantha Wong Apr 20, 2017
About 878,000 people in Hong Kong owned HK$1 million or more in liquid assets in 2016, representing 15 percent of the adults aged 21 to 79 - including 1,000 students.

Multimillionaires with HK$10 million or more stayed at 59,000, a Citibank survey showed.

The average age of the multimillionaires was 58, with 67 percent married with children and 20 percent single. Women were more likely to be single than men.

Despite fierce competition for tertiary education in the past, 74 percent of the multimillionaires managed to obtained an academic degree, compared to 45 percent of the people who owned HK$1 million to HK$10 million, and only 19 percent who owned less than HK$1 million, this shows people's education levels grow with wealth.

Among the working multimillionaires, the median monthly income was HK$175,000, 11 times that of the employment market.

Fifty-one percent of them are self- employed or running their own business.

Most were confident about meeting their expected standard of living after retirement, and half chose Hong Kong as their ideal place for retirement.

Eighty-six percent of multimillionaires were property owners, with one or more properties and only 27 percent had outstanding mortgages.

Compared to 2015, more affluent people expected property prices to rise in the next 24 months.

Overall satisfaction with the living environment and education system continued to be the key concerns for the multimillionaires. Other aspects including good investment and business environment, opportunity for career development, good social welfare and medical system remained largely positive.

Children's education and living conditions in Hong Kong were more a concern than retirement life for multimillionaires with children. On average, they spent HK$31,300 per month on children's education.

They were also willing to provide as much as HK$5 million and more in financial support for their children to purchase a property.

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