'Terror' scare from skies for traffic cop

Central Station | May 17, 2017
Hong Kong police officers were on full alert yesterday as Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived for a visit.

Terror attacks are, touch wood, alien to the territory, but for one traffic officer terror came from the skies.

For a big bird swooped down on him as he was deployed to cover Sharif's transit through Cheung Tsing Highway in Tsing Yi.

The case has been listed as "police officer injured on duty," with the bird said to have accidentally scratched the head of the officer, believed to be attached to the New Territories South Traffic Headquarters.

The officer could not identify the bird species, while others said it could have been an eagle or a falcon.

While police blamed the attack on one bird, unconfirmed reports claimed two eagles took turns in the attack.

That led to someone on social media saying that he was lucky the birds had not been trained, like some dophins purportedly have been, to carry out attacks. And, worse, by terrorists from, say, Pakistan.

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