Airport work means fewer parking slots

Local | Michelle Chan May 19, 2017
There will be 600 fewer parking spaces at the airport by the end of this year due to redevelopment of Terminal 2 as part of the third runway construction, according to the Airport Authority.

Reporters were invited to the airport control center yesterday for an annual briefing on its latest development plan.

Some 1,000 parking spaces will have to be closed later this year to make way for the expansion of Terminal 2. Meanwhile, 400 new parking spaces would be completed around the same time near Terminal 1 to compensate. Currently, there are some 3,000 parking spaces at Hong Kong International Airport. The authority said the utilization rate of parking lots is very high, and that they had almost been fully occupied during holiday seasons.

"There are sufficient parking spaces on usual days. But during the last Easter and Labor Day holidays, we observed a tight supply of parking spaces in the airport," said Paul Cheng Shui-bong, general manager of the authority's terminal operation and government facilitation.

The authority will allow drivers to reserve parking spaces for multiple days on its mobile application by the end of this year. It is also collaborating with Yat Tung Estate in Tung Chung to encourage drivers to park their cars in the lots there instead.

However, lawmaker Jeremy Tam Man-ho criticized the authority for not informing the public during the third runway consultation that the loss in parking space would be a drawback for the project.

"The Airport Authority should have assessed the effects of reduced parking spaces earlier. This is unacceptable," he told The Standard.

Tam expressed concern as to whether this measure will inconvenience local residents. "After all it is a housing estate, what will the people living there think if there is a sudden influx of visitors?"

He said increasing demand may raise the rent of parking lots in the estate, and that directing the cars to nearby shopping malls, such as Citygate Outlets, would be a better option.

There will be another 1,400 parking spaces available in late 2019 upon completion of the new multifunctional building, the authority said.

The existing Terminal 2 will be expanded into a full service processing terminal with an associated road network to be built.

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