Two dead as knifeman rampages in Walmart

Top News | Jane Lam and agencies Jul 18, 2017
A man has been arrested for allegedly killing two people and injuring nine others in a Walmart store in Shenzhen.

The reason behind the attack remains unknown, sources said, adding the 30-year-old suspect, Jiang Shengjun, could have mental problems.

Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Bao'an branch posted results of its preliminary investigation on its Weibo account, saying Jiang, who comes from Chongqing, acted on his own and has no permanent work.

Jiang was detained after attacking people with a kitchen knife in Bao'an District on Sunday night. He started a fire on the third floor of the store and continued his attack on the second floor, sending customers rushing out in chaos.

Online pictures show a young girl lying on the floor with blood all over her. She was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Others were seen attempting to give the injured first-aid.

Shopping carts and baskets were splashed with blood and scattered on the floor.

Jiang's family said he was a former migrant worker and that they lost contact with him in September 2015. Before the incident the family posted a notice saying they were searching for Jiang and that he had mental illness.

The Shenzhen government said it was deeply concerned about the attack and will aid the families of those killed as well as the injured.

Mainlanders are normally unable to obtain firearms and knives or homemade bombs are commonly used in most attacks. In recent years, there have been attempts to regulate the sale of knives following cases in which children have been attacked outside or near kindergartens and primary schools.

Perpetrators of most such attacks have been said to be mentally ill or bear grudges against society.

In one of the most horrific recent cases, eight people were killed when a 22-year-old man detonated a homemade bomb at the front gate of a kindergarten in eastern China.

In May, a man believed to be suffering mental health problems killed two people and injured 18 in a knife rampage in southwest Guizhou province.

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