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Ax gang makes off with $3m after ramming van

Local | Phoebe Ng Nov 14, 2017
In a brazen highway robbery, a gang of six armed with axes intercepted a van in the New Territories, smashed its windows and made off with HK$3 million.

The incident happened at 4pm yesterday when the van was heading for Fan Ling on Sha Tau Kok Road. The driver's son was also in the vehicle.

Upon being rammed by a Toyota car used by the robbers, the van burst in flames. Four masked men in caps leaped out of the car and without a word of warning began smashing the van's windows with axes and attacked the father and son with pepper spray.

They then took advantage of the incapacitated duo to escape with HK$3 million in cash, which was placed on the front seat.

Once they completed the heist, the gang torched their Toyota with kerosene in an attempt to destroy evidence and subsequently left in two vehicles, which traveled toward Luk Keng and Fan Ling respectively.

Once the alarm was raised, firefighters rushed to the scene and put out the flames, but the damage had been done to both the Toyota and the van.

Police from the New Territories North Regional Crime Unit cordoned off the area to begin their investigation. Helicopters were also deployed and used searchlights in an attempt to find the gangsters. Sources at the scene said the father and son were parallel traders who bought their stock tax-free in Hong Kong and resold it in the mainland at a profit.

According to data from the Transport Department, the cash-in-transit van was registered to a man surnamed Mok, who lives in Sha Tau Kok Chuen, which is an area close to the border.

It is believed the gang used a stolen number plate on one of their escape vehicles as it was registered to a BMW car.

The attack is believed to have been carried out by the same gang that conducted another van heist in August as it took place only 3.7 kilometers away from yesterday's robbery.

However, the heist in August ended in spectacular failure for the gang as they not only misidentified the vehicle, but also took a briefcase that contained nothing more than new screws.

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