Hunt for five after deadly playground gang fight

Top News | Riley Chan Nov 15, 2017
At least five men believed to be South Asians are being hunted in connection with a Pakistani man viciously hacked to death in Ngau Tau Kok during a gang fight.

Two other Pakistani men who allegedly took part in the fight over a girl were arrested early yesterday and are still in police custody.

At around 11pm on Monday, five men were ambushed at Ngau Tau Kok Road Playground by seven to eight others armed with knives and metal pipes. All the men are believed to be South Asians.

Two of them were injured.

But Waqar Hamed, 25, said to be a witness who suffered a neck wound while attempting to break up the fight, succumbed to his injuries at United Christian Hospital.

It is understood that he was born and raised in Hong Kong. His family, however, is considering burying his body in Pakistan.

A 25-year-old man named Mohammad sustained wounds to his right chest and back and was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He remains in critical condition.

A man named Singh, 23, took a taxi to United Christian Hospital by himself and was then transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He is also in critical condition.

A taxi driver, whose passenger seat was covered in blood, reported the incident to police.

Police said they located the getaway vehicle in Wong Tai Sin yesterday and arrested the 39-year-old owner, who claimed he lent it to his brother and knew nothing about the incident. His 26-year- old brother was arrested.

A witness, whose dash cam caught the suspects fleeing, said he saw a man rolling down a slope.

That was before "I heard a group of people quarreling, followed by the sound of breaking glass," he added.

It is understood that the suspects all have triad backgrounds and the incident arose after one of the men was accused of having dated the girlfriend of one of the attackers.

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