Korea formula lost in words

China | Nov 17, 2017
A "dual suspension" proposal to handle North Korea is the best option, a Chinese spokesman said yesterday after US President Donald Trump claimed he and President Xi Jinping rejected a "freeze for freeze" deal.

North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and missiles has fueled a surge in tension, and sanctions do not appear to have worked.

China and Russia have proposed the United States and South Korea stop military exercises in exchange for North Korea halting its weapons programs. That is what Beijing calls "dual suspension."

Speaking on his return to Washington from Asia on Wednesday, Trump said he and Xi rejected a "freeze for freeze" deal, but it was not clear where the "dual suspension" idea advanced by Beijing in March fitted in.

Asked about Trump's remarks, the Foreign Ministry's Geng Shuang said only through talks that addressed all concerns could there be a peaceful resolution.

"We believe the dual suspension proposal is the most feasible, fair and sensible plan in the present situation," he added. "Not only can it relieve the present tense situation it can create conditions to resume talks and find a breakthrough point."


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