Lam evasive on Article 23

Top News | Phoenix Un Nov 17, 2017
Chief Executive Carrie Lam said she was grieved by resistance to "one country, two systems."

Speaking before Li Fei at the seminar, she agreed with President Xi Jinping that one country is the root of two systems.

"Recently a minority resisted one country, and put one country and two systems on opposite sides, which is grievous," she said.

Although the Basic Law has been around for 27 years and enacted 20 years ago, new views and disputes are still evolving.

"As chief executive, I have news experiences with Basic Law articles involving the CE, and I keep getting the feeling my knowledge is insufficient in actual practice, and only see the difficulties after experiencing the issues," Lam said.

That was why she proposed Basic Law education in her policy address last month - to allow students to learn more about the country. The planned civil servant academy will also teach about national development and the Beijing- SAR relationship.

Former police commissioner Dick Lee Ming-kwai, now executive director of Hong Kong's Institute for Public Administration, said there can be more exchanges between civil servants from both sides of the border.

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