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Local | Sum Lok-kei Nov 17, 2017
A new alliance was formed by four "progressive" pro-democracy lawmakers yesterday to consolidate efforts of "singleton" legislators and improve communications.

The "Council Front" was formed by HK First lawmaker Claudia Mo Man- ching, and includes People Power's Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, Land Justice League's Eddie Chu Hoi-dick and Leung Yiu-chung of the Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre.

All four are the sole representatives of their parties in the legislature.

The Labour Party's only lawmaker, Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung, and Civic Passion's Cheung Chung-tai did not join the alliance. According to Mo, Fernando Cheung could not join without his party's approval, while Cheung Chung-tai was not a member of the pan-democrats to begin with. Mo said the front is "neither a club, nor a political party."

She said Council Front is "a political alliance" that was set up to improve communication and coordination among "singleton" lawmakers.

"We do have our little differences but our ultimate goal is to achieve democracy in Hong Kong," she said.

Mo also said lawmakers will cooperate but will not be bundling their votes.

Chan said more lawmakers can join the front after the council's March by- election. The disqualification of six pro- democracy lawmakers put the camp at greater disadvantage and prompted the front's formation, he said.

After a brief ceasefire last week, the pan-democrats resumed their filibustering at yesterday's meeting, which began at 9am. During the debate on a resolution for the Energy Efficiency (Labeling of Products) Ordinance, over a dozen pan- democrats gave speeches and most exhausted the 15-minute time limit.

The government proposed to include five more products under the labeling scheme, including televisions, induction cookers, storage-type electric water heaters, washing machines with capacities between seven and 10 kilograms, and reverse cycle-type air- conditioners. At around 11am, Chan moved an adjournment motion. "To include televisions under the labeling scheme, I think is completely correct, but at the moment the labels are outdated and could mislead citizens," he said.

The labeling scheme in Hong Kong has five tiers. Chan said the government should first refine the labels and make them more detailed before including more products under the scheme.

Over 10 pro-establishment lawmakers spoke in the debate of the adjournment motion and accused the pan-democrats of prolonging the meeting.

The resolution went to a vote before the 8pm session ended and passed 36-0.

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