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Fashion Walk keeps street decor

Local | Phoebe Ng Dec 7, 2017
Riding on a wave of public and online support, Fashion Walk will now get to keep its street display of knitted railings and Christmas characters in Causeway Bay after the government backed down from its previous decision, demanding that the decorations be removed by Sunday.

More than 200,000 had gone online in favor of the display, invariably challenging the government's decision.

The U-turn was conveyed last night to the Hang Lung Group, Fashion Walk's parent which had said the area belonged to the government.

The street art had been the rage for photographing but when, instead, a resident complained about the railing toppers, the government told Hang Lung to remove the whole thing.

Protesting at the decision, and hoping to reverse the decision, the local art group La Belle Epoque that put up the decorations took their cause to Facebook, saying in one posting: "We are sorry to inform all of you that these beautiful creatures need to be removed by December 10. Please 'like' to keep the knitted Christmas Street Art!"

Within 24 hours there were almost 200,000 "likes," comments 6,400, share 2,400.

"To my knowledge, Fashion Walk did apply for the street art to be installed," said La Belle's Billie Ng Sze-kiu whom the company had invited to work on a display.

Her group then spent a month knitting, crocheting and crafting the Christmas village using rainproof synthetic materials. On November 9 the decorations were up, including a snowman, Rudolph the reindeer and Santa Claus.

"I feel sorry to have caused them (the company) such a hassle," said Ng.

On Facebook, Christy Chan, a visitor to the La Belle page said: "I cannot see how the removal can be justified. It does not block the street and took the creator lots of time and effort to create such an adorable piece."

Another user Annie Wu said: "There are more supporters here than the complainant alone."

At about 7pm, word from the government reached Hang Lung that the installations can stay after all.

"Good news!" announced Fashion Walk on its own Facebook page. "Thank you everyone for your support on local art and thanks La Belle Epoque once again for giving us an incredible gift."

"Love is indeed in the air!" Fashion Walk added, thanking netizens for their support. "It is a great pleasure to know that everyone loves unique local arts and craft like us."

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