Robot turned off by Los Vegas crowd

Central Station | Jan 10, 2018
A cute, table-top robot packed with digital smarts switched off from its human boss and a big crowd around him at an LG Electronics demonstration touting "connected" lifestyles and machines obeying commands from people and anticipating their needs.

The ignoble failure in front of a media-heavy audience was in the countdown to the opening of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It happened after LG senior executive David VanderWaal strode up to demonstrate how the CLOi robot, shaped like a small snowman with a round screen face and endearing glowing eyes, could be told to boss around home appliances or tend to online tasks.

But CLOi ignored VanderWaal.

"CLOi doesn't like me evidently," he quipped, switching to using touch-screen controls on appliances to keep his 45-minute presentation moving along. "Even robots have bad days."

VanderWaal tried anew to get the robot to behave after going backstage while a video was shown to the audience, but CLOi wouldn't listen to him.

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