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Lawyer's 11 cats poisoned after threats barrage

Local | Sophie Hui Jan 12, 2018
Lawyer Mary Jean Reimer has claimed that someone poisoned 11 of her 15 cats in an act of revenge.

Reimer, a former actress, said the poisoner struck after two volunteers working with her to uncover the Ting Wai Monastery scandal received threatening calls and letters.

Reimer claimed that in December, one of the volunteers, a member of the Ting Wai Monastery, received a threatening call. This was followed by hundreds of harassment calls.

Last week, the caller claimed to know where she lived, and warned that the volunteer's family would be hurt if she did not remain silent.

Later, the volunteer also received a threatening letter at home, which mentioned Reimer and her family. Reimer said that 11 of her 15 cats later appeared to have symptoms of poisoning.

Reimer said she has not been in Hong Kong since December, but a friend went to her home and handled the matter.

She handed Reimer a letter which contained information about Reimer and her family members, and a HK$20 banknote. Reimer suspects that the person who sent the letter could have visited her home and put poison through a window to harm the cats. She said the cats are recovering after being examined by a vet.

Reimer said that though she is not in Hong Kong, her lawyer has spoken to the police, who are investigating.

Reimer became embroiled in a legal battle with the monastery as she accused the abbess, Sik Chi Ding, of extravagant spending, sham marriages and mishandling donations.

The High Court eventually ordered the monastery to close on November 27 last year.

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