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Pan-dem bashing duo caught on camera

Local | Phoebe Ng Jan 12, 2018
Two Southeast Asian men tailed pro-democracy activist Tommy Cheung Sau-yin into an alley before attacking him in Tai Wai, according to security footage obtained by FactWire yesterday.

On Monday, Cheung, a 23-year-old legislative by-election hopeful, was seen running into an alley while looking out for the two men, who were stalking him. The attack resulted in injuries to Cheung's right hand and head.

Investigative news agency FactWire obtained surveillance footage from a three-story building near the crime scene.

The building had two cameras surveilling the entrance and exit of the alley behind Chik Fuk Street, which captured Cheung and the two suspects on Monday night.

At 11.12pm, the video showed a nervous Cheung running into the alley from Chik Fuk Street with an umbrella. Ten seconds later, two men walked into the alley before speeding up their pace.

Footage showed that one man wore a blue jacket, blue jeans and a light-colored scarf, while his companion wore a hoodie with the hood up. Both are believed to be of South Asian descent.

One minute after, Cheung was seen leaving another alley back into Chik Fuk Street.

Seconds later, the two men also walked back in the opposite direction toward the main road.

Cheung confirmed to Factwire that the duo were the men who attacked him.

"They pushed me onto the pavement and started beating me," he said.

The duo also kicked Cheung and assaulted him with the umbrella he brought, and did not stop until a passer-by yelled at them. Cheung was then helped off the ground and called the police, but the suspects had already fled.

Cheung said he noticed the two men staring at him "maliciously" when he was eating at a nearby noodle shop. He said he walked toward the alley in an attempt to shake them off.

Cheung said he was recovering well, and that he would not be intimidated by any threats. He will be taking part in the pan-democracy camp's preliminary election on Sunday.

He recently published investigations into bid-rigging concerning public estate cleaning and property management projects.

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