Mom upset over autistic son's beating on MTR

Local | Phoenix Un Jan 12, 2018
The mother of a six-year-old autism patient has written a long article online to fight for justice for her son who was bullied on the MTR.

A video on the Facebook page "HK Incident" showed mother Milk Wong scolding MTR staff for letting an old man beat up her son.

"That is not justice. A man cannot do anything he wants even if he's old," Wong said angrily in the video. "I want justice, as all passengers on the train blamed me for bullying an elderly."

The mother posted the article on the page early yesterday, alleging an old man and passengers bullied her and her son.

She said she was holding her son Sai-yu by the hand on a busy MTR train when they passed by an old man, who hit the child.

The old man angrily said Sai-yu had kicked him. Wong apologized to the old man eight times, and explained that her son had special needs.

But Wong got angry and said the man should not have hit Sai-yu, but other passengers started to heckle the mother.

Both Wong and the elderly man left the train, with Wong demanding the elderly man apologize.

"The elderly yelled, 'why should I apologize? I am an elderly.' Then another uncle came to blame me for bullying the elderly," Wong wrote.

She called police, but before the police arrived, the elderly man was already gone.

Legislator Roy Kwong Chun-yu of the Democratic Party, also a registered social worker, said the video showed that the boy was a typical autism patient.

"The public must firstly be more tolerant of these patients," Kwong said. "The MTR staff and police should also improve in handling such cases."

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