Funerals held for 7 Tai Po bus victims

Local | Sum Lok-kei Feb 15, 2018
Families, relatives and friends of seven of the 19 passengers who died in the Tai Po bus accident paid their tributes yesterday as funerals were held ahead of Lunar New Year, which begins tomorrow.

Kowloon Motor Bus representatives and Tai Po district councilors also attended ceremonies. Two more families are expected to hold funerals today.

The accident last Saturday hospitalized 65 others.

At the International Funeral Parlor in Hung Hom yesterday, funerals and night vigils were held for six male victims and one female passenger.

Funerals were held for Chan Yau-shing, 37, Chiu Kam-chu, 58, Tin Tin-chung, 62, Tang Yan-yum, 65, and Chao Noi-chai, 54.

Night vigils were held yesterday for Wong Yuk-lun, 60, and Lee Bing-lam, 67, while their funerals are scheduled for today.

Families and relatives arrived at the funeral parlor early yesterday to set up the venues.

Two Tai Po district councilors, Wong Pik-kiu and Lau Chee-sing, attended the ceremonies.

Wong said she had visited six of the passengers injured in the accident before arriving at the International Funeral Parlor.

One of the passengers had serious facial injuries and had to be fed through a tube.

"Half of his face was smashed, it looked as it had been compressed," Wong said. "There were a couple of tubes and his hand was in a cast."

The Tai Po district council will try to assist the affected families, she said.

A group of representatives from KMB also showed up at the funeral parlor yesterday and laid a wreath for each of the victims.

When the coffins were carried out to the hearses, some funeral attendees were overwhelmed by emotions and had to be supported by other family members.

The bodies of those who had funerals yesterday were cremated at Chai Wan and Fan Ling.

According to the government's statement from last Sunday, the cost of the funerals will be looked after by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

It is understood that the funerals yesterday were of a simple nature, so that they could be held before the Lunar New Year.

While most Chinese funerals will include a night vigil, the funerals yesterday were concluded during the day.

Meanwhile, as of yesterday, 31 victims of the accident remained in hospital. Five are in critical condition, and another five have been listed as serious. Another 21 passengers are in stable condition, while 34 have been discharged.

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