Handsome prince enjoys new life

Local | Georgina Noyce Mar 13, 2018
Jack the Yorkshire Nipper is looking good. The cooler weather cancels out his skin problems, a change in medication has decreased his need to scratch or bite at his own flesh, and different food has cleared out the crystals that form in his kidneys, causing painful stones and an irritable nature.

Around nine years old now, he looks good and is still energetic, sometimes too much so, as his behavior problems in his early years have caused him to be just a little spoiled. A "little prince" wouldn't be too far off the mark when describing him, as he is used to being the center of attention.

Finishing dinner one evening, he headed into the garden for the toilet. His hair, which for most of the year is patchy and dry on his body and very greasy around his head, is now soft and flowing, almost glowing.

His chin whiskers sweep the ground and the hair on his stubby little tail waves like a plume through the air.

Still licking his lips after a dinner of rabbit and turkey, he ran into Jade cat, on her way in for her own dinner. Pausing as they came nose to nose, it made the most amazing picture as Sassoon and Molly, mongrels of 30 and 16 kilos, casually stepped over the two small animals in their path and headed out into the darkness.

For the next two minutes, Jade cat kindly helped Jack clean himself, as she carefully licked his face. Jack, well known for needing to be bribed

into a face wash from a human, happily stood and let his sister run her rough tongue over his chin, mouth and nose, leaving what had been food-soggy hair clean and dry.

Once finished, Jade headed in and Jack followed his bigger pack mates into the garden. A little later, as Jade, Jack, Bonnie and Amber maneuvered for space on the sofa, Bonnie kindly did the same grooming for Amber.

Pinning the cat down, the tiny Pomeranian sniffed, then licked the ex-feral cat's ears until Amber, clearly tickled beyond bearing, did a wonderful tomoe nage (judo stomach throw), sending Bonnie sailing over her head. Then springing to her feet, Amber raced off to rewash herself.

Georgina Noyce is an equestrian judge, and has a menagerie of adopted four-legged waifs and strays.

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