Critics of rule change mocked

China | Mar 13, 2018
Critics of ending presidential term limits, which will allow Xi Jinping to stay in presidential office indefinitely, have been attacked in state media, with arguments that the country must follow Chinese Communist Party lines.

The rubber-stamp parliament on Sunday overwhelmingly voted to amend the constitution, scrapping term limits and adding clauses to further strengthen the party's already dominating role in politics.

In the runup to the vote, critics on social media attacked the move and drew parallels to North Korea or suggested a Mao Zedong-type cult of personality was forming.

The Global Times said in a commentary that Western political ideas are of no use to China.

"In these years we have seen the rise and decline of countries and particularly the harsh reality that the Western political system doesn't apply to developing countries and produces dreadful results," it said.

The China Daily reiterated a point made earlier by the party's People's Daily that the amendment did not "imply lifetime tenure for any leader.

Yet some people in the West insist otherwise, though it is only through specious speculation they claim to know better."

Such people have a deep ideological bias against China it went on.

"Their erroneous judgments are a litany of short-sighted calumnies against the party and the nation."


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