Judo coach jailed for student sex assault

Local | Amy Nip Mar 14, 2018
A former Hong Kong judo team coach was sentenced to 17 months in prison for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old student.

Law Wai-keung, 52, pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting the girl, referred to as X, when he appeared in District Court.

He invited 12 judo students to his home on Lamma Island for a barbecue. X, who was a Secondary Five student, cried during the barbecue and vomited.

Law consoled her, saying he treated students like family. He also applied medicinal oil on her stomach, and X fell asleep.

When the girl woke up, she found the other students had left. Law proceeded to massage X and shield her eyes with a shirt, to her embarrassment.

Later he tried to hug her, saying "let daddy hold you" and licked her breasts. He also touched her private parts with his fingers and his sexual organ. When he tried to undress her, the girl asked him to stop and left the room.

Law followed X and apologized to her. He stayed in the sitting room while she slept in another room.

The girl left Lamma Island the next day and told other students.

The coach later admitted that he touched the girl, but said he did not rape her. Two of X's teammates reported it to a teacher.

The defense said Law had stopped coaching and became a minibus driver.

Law tendered his resignation to the Judo Association of Hong Kong last year, saying he was determined to leave sport.

Judge Johnny Chan Jong-herng said Law violated the trust placed in him by the student, who saw him as a respected senior. X was troubled psychologically after the assault, and had to receive treatment.

Amy Nip

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