How tech will kill the poker face

Central Station | Apr 16, 2018
Scientist Poppy Crum sees a fast-coming time when technology will see right through people, no matter how hard they try to hide their feelings.

Sensors combined with artificial intelligence can reveal whether someone is lying, infatuated, or poised for violence, Dolby Laboratories' chief scientist said.

"It is the end of the poker face," Crum said. "We broadcast our emotions. We will know more about each other than we ever have."

Eye dilation reveals how hard a brain is working, and heat radiating from the skin signals whether we are stressed or even romantically piqued.

The amount of carbon dioxide exhaled can signal how riled up someone, or a crowd, is getting. Micro-expressions and chemicals in breath reveal feelings.

She gave examples of a high school counselor being able to tell whether a seemingly cheery student is having a hard time, or police quickly knowing if someone acting bizarrely has a health condition or is criminally violent.

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