Patient suspected of assault on nurse

Local | Cissy So Apr 16, 2018
A 45-year-old male patient has been arrested for an alleged indecent assault on a nurse in Yuen Long's Pok Oi Hospital.

The suspect allegedly stroked the 30-year-old nurse's hip, prompting her to shout at the man and call police.

In another incident, police arrested a 32-year-old man at 1am yesterday in connection with an indecent assault case in Tuen Mun on Thursday. There were two cases in Tuen Mun.

The nurse in Pok Oi Hospital reported that she was touched on the hip by a male patient while working on Saturday afternoon.

The patient named Tsang was arrested after investigation. The case was handed over to Yuen Long District Investigation Team. A spokesman of Pok Oi Hospital said they received a report from a female staff member yesterday.

He said the hospital places great importance on the issue, and will fully cooperate with the police investigation.

Affected staff will be provided with support too.

Meanwhile, a man was arrested early yesterday at Yau Oi Tsuen in connection with an indecent assault case in Tuen Mun last week.

Two indecent assault cases occurred on Thursday in Tuen Mun. Police Tactical Unit conducted a questionnaire survey in the area of Yau Oi Tsuen and light rail stations.

An 18-year-old girl was attacked by a man while walking be Oi Yee House, Yau Oi Estate. The girl struggled and cried for help. The attacker escaped toward the Yau Oi Light Rail Station and fled.

Police managed to trace a suspect to his home at Oi Lim House in Yau Oi Estate and arrested him.

A set of clothes and a pair of shoes were taken away for further investigation.

On the same day at 7am, a 26-year-old woman was touched on the hip by a man on a train from Siu Hong Station to the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier stop. She yelled for help.

However, the man got off at Hoh Fuk Tong Station and escaped. Police are still trying to determine if the wanted man is related to the Tuen Mun assault incident.

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