Latrine now said to be squeaky clean

Local | Cissy So Apr 16, 2018
The environment at the Central Market Public Toilet has drastically improved, according to Wai Chi-sing, the Urban Renewal Authority's managing director.

The issue of toilet hygiene was highlighted during last week's Legislative Council question and answer session, when lawmaker Yiu Si-wing asked the chief executive to start a "toilet revolution."

Writing in his blog yesterday, Wai said the URA had installed several facilities to improve hygiene.

He said there were several complaints about the peculiar smell and slippery floor of the toilet on the north side of the wet market.

He said the toilet was designed long ago, and wasn't equipped with ventilation or exhaust duct systems, leading to odor problems, which spread out into the street and affected other premises.

However, new improvements include a ventilation system and activated carbon filtration, while large dehumidifiers and ionic air purifiers were also placed inside the toilet to keep it dry and clean.

"These projects have already been completed. I inspected the toilet myself when I passed by the Central Market last time, and found that the problems of smell and slippery floor have been greatly alleviated," Wai said.

He said the authority will also renovate the toilet by replacing all the urinals and sinks to stainless-steel appliances to enhance durability.

He had also requested contractors to close the premises temporary only late at night until early morning, to facilitate construction.He added that stepping up communications with cleaning contractors was needed to help them improve their ways of cleaning toilets, and increasing the frequency of them doing so.

The authority also had the stairway from the toilet to the second floor cleaned up, and intends to keep stairways clear.

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