MeToo clucker the Euro winner

Central Station | May 14, 2018
Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with Netta Barzilai beating 25 other contestants with Toy, with lyrics inspired by the MeToo movement.

The track's refrains such as "I am not your toy, you stupid boy," summed up concerns of women who have embraced the push against sexual harassment.

The 25-year-old accompanied her winning performance with trills, clucking sounds and chicken-like dance moves in a bizarre performance typical of a Eurovision contest. "People chose refreshing," she said as she took the stage to perform her song again after her win.

Shereceived the trophy from 2017 winner, Portugal's Salvador Sobral, who has called her song "horrible."

Then Barzilai managed to break the glass trophy but organizers quickly found a replacement.

The annual extravaganza has long been known for ludicrous costumes, glitz and high-tech stage effects. Highlights this year included a staircase that was set ablaze.

Although the contest is supposed to be nonpolitical, this Eurovision saw controversy.

The European Broadcast Union barred China's Mango TV from airing the final as it edited out a romantic dance sequence by two men in Ireland's entry during a semifinal.

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