Something up your sleeve? Cut it out!

Central Station | May 15, 2018
An Indian college in Bihar state's Muzaffarpur district has been banned from conducting examinations after staff cut off the sleeves of female candidates for nursing tests.

Staff used scissors and razor blades to sever sleeves that could conceal notes and devices used by cheats before allowing them into an exam venue. Many girls were seen carrying severed sleeves as dozens of police officers stand guard.

The action sparked protests around the state, though education officer Lalan Prasad Singh said the cuts were to protect candidates from accusations they had something up their sleeves. But that didn't sound and a probe is under way to find who had the slashing idea.

Bihar is notorious for exam trickery, and authorities have already barred students generally from wearing shoes in exams to make it difficult to smuggle in paper. And hundreds of parents have been arrested for helping offsprings cheat.

In February 2016 army candidates sat in underwear for an exam, also in Muzaffarpur. The same year saw three star high school students arrested after they failed on television to answer simple questions in a subject they had already passed.

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