Aussies cry over infant formula resales

Central Station | May 17, 2018
One of Australia's biggest supermarket chains, Coles, is having baby formula shifted behind counters and restricting sales as shoppers have been clearing shelves and selling them online in China for more than double the price. Coles' decision follows complaints from mothers over supplies, with Sydney's Daily Telegraph reporting that one-kilogram tins bought for up to A$35 (US$26) were resold to Chinese parents for around A$100. "In some stores we are keeping infant formula behind the service desk or using specially designed electronic article surveillance lids that can only be removed at the register," the chain said. Sales is restricted to two tins per customer. Woolworths said it had no plans to take formula off shelves but has also tightened restrictions to two tins per customer. In 2015, an Australian firm apologized to mothers after its premium organic baby milk formula was wiped off supermarket shelves ahead of China's Singles Day. Chinese demand for foreign infant milk products has soared after food scandals, including one in 2008 when locally produced, tainted formula left six children dead and made 300,000 ill.

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