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So how does Pelosi grab you, Trump?

Editorial | Mary Ma Jan 29, 2019
A common saying has it that a clever man won't pick a fight with a woman. What's been happening in the United States capital is a living example of exactly that. President Donald Trump's fight with House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is probably his most foolish act since he took up residency in the White House two years ago. A year older, a year wiser. Trump, at 72, should have known better. So, with Pelosi being six years older than Trump, she's presumably six years more clever than him. Pelosi isn't Stormy Daniels, and it would be futile for the commander-in-chief to try bribing her with so-called concessions on DACA - or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - in exchange for the green light to build his signature Mexican border wall. The skinny Pelosi has been unpopular among the young Democrats who, during the House vote to elect the Speaker, had queried whether she was a suitable candidate. Knocking down the pudgy Trump in the first round has confirmed her tenacity as a Capitol Hill veteran. It's interesting that for some reasons Trump hasn't disclosed, he rarely tweets about Pelosi, and didn't demean her the way he had called North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the "Little Rocket Man," and fellow Republican Jeb Bush as "Low Energy." Instead, quite to the contrary, he offered to give her some Republican support to help her win the speaker's chair if she made the request during the House vote. Maybe Trump has found in Pelosi a quality that he has been unable to find in other women. Yes, there's a quality that's lacking among his female companions - the intestinal fortitude to stand up to him. After Trump grounded Pelosi's air force flight to Brussels and Afghanistan, in retaliation for her daring to suggest he postpone his State of the Union address or deliver it in writing, the feisty lady simply shut him out of the House unless he changed his mind to end the government shutdown. She proved to him who's the master of the House. It's always the woman, never the man. The two most powerful figures in Washington have become such strange bedfellows. Following the latest match, Pelosi could be just the kind of woman that Trump is scared of. Would the development have been different had the speaker been a different individual? Will Trump shut down the government again after February 15 when the temporary funding for federal agencies are used up? He would again prove his foolishness if he does. However, he is The Donald, and used to doing what normal people won't. I can imagine how furious he must be when he reads news headlines like "How Nancy Pelosi broke Donald Trump," "How Nancy Pelosi is beating Trump at his own game," or "Nancy Pelosi is an alien species to Trump - and he has no idea what to do." More likely than not, he will shut down the government for the second time amid anger. But then, wouldn't he be repeating the same mistake?

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