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It's time to learn about sexual minorities

Central Station | Nury Vittachi Jan 31, 2019
The Hong Kong government this week launched a major program to teach the community about "sexual minorities." Eighty organizations turned up for the opening session on Monday to learn about Western theories that there are not just two sexes, but an infinite number. (Facebook now has 71 genders to choose from. This is not a joke.) Hong Kong public toilet workers appear to have missed the memo, as they put up these posters (see picture) all over the territory, reminding children that they are either a girl or a boy. At the moment, all Hong Kong government forms have a M/F tick box. Will local employers follow the lead of Western organizations? One US company printed a large X over the "male or female" box on its application forms and added a note: "Not getting into that can of worms." * * * Subversive groups in Hong Kong always moan at this time of year that their anti-China products (such the infamous CY Leung toilet paper and so on) are confiscated before they go on sale at the Lunar New Year trade fair. I'd be a bit more sympathetic if they didn't send their stuff to mainland China factories to save on printing costs. Think, guys. * * * The Hong Kong government just spent millions of dollars to buy "art" that was kept under beds in the UK, it was revealed this week. They paid HK$18.5 million for drawings by Archigram, a cult group of architects from the 1960s. They need stuff to show at M+, the trendy new West Kowloon museum due to open this year. The British group's archivist told reporters that most of the work had been stored in his house "under various beds and in cupboards." This does not inspire confidence. * * * Nationalist mainland China netizens are outraged over a Taiwanese McDonald's TV ad that shows a Taiwanese girl holding a school identity card giving her nationality as "Taiwan." The offending scene is literally one second long, so you only see it if you press pause at exactly the right moment and then carefully examine everything on her card. It is astonishing how hard people work to find things to be angry about these days. * * * Entertainment mogul Robert Chua told friends this week that he'd been gifted a box of luxury grade XO sauces that turned out to be 15 years past its sell-by date, March 19, 2004. "Beware when you try to recycle food gifts," he warned. Lucky for him, the man who gave him the gift heard the story and pointed out that he'd read it backwards - the expensive item had been freshly purchased and the expiry date was March 4, 2019. "What a shame," Robert said. "I 've thrown them all away." * * * Staff at Pacific Place shopping mall have hung banners offering "amazing shopping rewards." People who spend between HK$2,500 and HK$7,999 will get a free pack of lai see envelopes, it says. The banner was spotted by reader Jennifer Eagleton, who said: "Wow." * * * Meanwhile, this is how advertisers believe internet users think: "Oh, an ad for product X has popped up to prevent me seeing what I want to see. This really gives me warm feelings toward product X! I will immediately purchase a great many units." Talk to me: Send ideas and comments via the <a href="" target="_blank">author's Facebook page</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">The Standard's Facebook page</a>

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