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Married woman gets a big lai see bonus

Central Station | Nury Vittachi Feb 12, 2019
A Hong Kong woman who had a same-sex marriage in the West came back to her home city for the Lunar New Year holiday last week and had a nice surprise. Hong Kong is a conservative society which doesn't recognize gay marriages - so friends and family counted her as single and thus still eligible for receiving fat packets of lai see. Of course, she could have made a powerful statement by declining it, but hey, money's money, right? * * * Transgender activists yesterday demanded that Hong Kong recognize instant sex changes, as is the case in the UK. By coincidence, the UK hinted it was backing away from its "self-ID" policy. Hong Kong's Jerome Yau wants the law to force all residents to legally recognize a person's self-declared sex, even if the individual has retained all features of their DNA sex. Already, one individual who looks entirely male insists on using the women's toilets at IFC, to the discomfort of those using it. On Sunday a UK government spokesman said the self-identification policy had caused significant problems involving DNA males in women's prisons and needed revision. A reader who didn't want his name printed wanted to comment on the DNA male in the IFC women's toilets. "He doesn't need to be punished," he said. "The length of the queue is his punishment." * * * Sorry to hear Stanley Ho is in hospital. This must be a big worry for his wife. And his other wife. And his other wife. Not to mention his 17 children. It's all rather delicate, since several family members are litigious. Wife Three was a nurse he employed to look after Wife One and Wife Four was a dance instructor he employed while married to Wife Three. When the time comes, inheritance issues are going to be interesting. Lawyers! Stop smiling! It's inappropriate. And besides, you may not be needed for a while, as his children said that he was recovering and was already pretty much back to being his usual self. We'll know this is definitely true if Mr Ho emerges from hospital announcing that he's lining up one of the nurses as Wife Five. * * * Chief executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor had an attack of nostalgia last week and found herself compelled to do what regular Hong Kong mothers do at Lunar New Year. She went shopping for flowers and dried seafood. She went to Sheung Wan. Good thing she didn't go to the Victoria Park flower fair - which was decorated with large cardboard cutout caricatures of herself and the President of China, as the picture shows. In contrast, Sheung Wan is a delightfully old-fashioned place where one finds large numbers of ancient, smelly, sun-dried seafood shops, manned mostly by ancient, smelly, sun-dried seafood salesmen. * * * Climate change will not cause the end of civilization after all, the UK Guardian newspaper reported yesterday. Long before global warming kills us, civilization will have been destroyed by the pesticide-triggered destruction of the food chain, the paper said, citing a study showing that humans had accidentally caused the mass extinction of pretty much all insects everywhere. This means that the extreme laziness that stopped me removing cobwebs from my ceiling can now be reinterpreted as a noble, heroic act of support for my multi-legged brethren. Talk to me: Send ideas and comments via the <a href="" target="_blank">author's Facebook page</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">The Standard's Facebook page</a>

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