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Love is in the air for florists

Local | Cissy So Feb 13, 2019
Florists are expecting an influx of orders for bouquets of flowers for Valentine's Day tomorrow as it falls on a business day. A business day is favorable for flower shops, as lovers and suitors send flowers to offices. Brighten Floriculture expects orders to surge by 30 percent from last year, while chairwoman of the Hong Kong Flower Retailers Association Elizabeth Tse Wong Siu-yin said prices will also remain similar to the previous year. Brighten Floriculture predicts to receive around 1,000 orders for Valentine's Day. "If Valentine's Day falls on a business day, then flower businesses will flourish," Tse said. "Sales this year should be about the same because Valentine's Day last year was on a business day too." Florists in office areas, such as Central and Wan Chai, tend to enjoy higher sales as flowers are usually sent to offices via deliveries. Men might also purchase flowers in the area and bring them to the offices for their wives or girlfriends, Tse said. She also said that some customers have already placed their orders. Some have even given florists a budget between HK$500 and HK$1,500 in order to ensure their loved ones receive a pretty bouquet of flowers. Bouquets of roses are currently in the highest demand. People usually start ordering flowers today or tomorrow morning, while some walk-in customers choose to purchase flowers on Valentine's Day itself. An owner of a preserved flower shop, JL Flos, surnamed Hui said that business and the price of flowers are likely to remain the same as the year before. Hui added that some customers even customize their bouquets: "They tend to already have an idea of what they want, and we try our best to make it happen." Meanwhile, McDonald's has launched themed cakes for Valentine's Day. The fast food giant unveiled a Peachy Rose Mousse Cake today to adhere to the romantic theme. Customers can redeem the cake at McCafe by paying HK$18 when ordering a hot or cold drink, excluding bottled drinks. There is also a Peachy Rose Mousse Cake Set that contains two pieces of cakes and a card in the box. Both the cake and the set are not being sold at McCafe in Hopewell Centre in Wan Chai, and the discounted redemption does not apply at McCafe in the airport departure hall nor the restricted area in the Departures East Hall.

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