Big day for Greater Bay

Top News | Phoenix Un Feb 18, 2019
The outline development plan for the Greater Bay Area will probably be announced this afternoon, reliable sources say. The announcement will be made by the central government. Then on Thursday there will be a briefing by Hong Kong officials and representatives from Beijing and several regions. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor told the public last Tuesday that the proposal would be announced "very soon" and a symposium will be held afterward. It is understood that the outline plan will cover development of several areas, including finance, innovation and technology, youth and environmental protection. It is widely expected that Hong Kong will be tasked with innovation and technology development, as well as reinforcing its flourishing financial industry. The symposium will begin at 10.30am on Thursday in the new hotel of Ocean Park, with Lam, Macau Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai-on, Guangdong Governor Ma Xingrui and the National Development and Reform Commission vice chairman Lin Nianxiu, as well as 600 other guests present. In yesterday's City Forum which discussed the Greater Bay Area, the National People's Congress Hong Kong deputy Witman Hung Wai-man called for issuing a "Greater Bay Area Travel Card" for people living or working in the area to allow them to move around the area without having to show further documentation. Asked about the identity issue brought by this pass, he said this proposition was simply "fake" as many people did not care about it. "We can call ourselves 'Bay Area People,' as foreigners might not know anything about Hong Kong." In the beginning, Hung said, the authorities should only issue 4,000 such cards, with 3,000 of them for residents, and the other 1,000 for outsiders working there. He said he had told Lam about the idea, and planned to submit a written proposal to the NPC during its annual meeting in March. Legislator Cheng Chung-tai of Civic Passion, also a guest speaker at the forum, slammed Hung for identifying Hongkongers' identity with economic benefits, and urged people to understand that Hong Kong does not need the Greater Bay Area to establish its economic status. "This Greater Bay Area plan deprives Hongkongers of the right to make the final decision for our future. We aren't only worried about the damage of the One Country, Two Systems, but also that our identity and culture as Hongkongers will diminish as the 'national development' is put onto our heads," Cheng said. The president of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Association, Eddy Li Sau-hung, called on young people to grab the golden opportunity to develop in the Greater Bay Area as cross-border talent, as many places in the mainland still fell behind Hong Kong. He also criticized Cheng for spreading the conspiracy theory that the One Country, Two Systems would be at risk under the Bay Area. Victor Ng Hoi-yu, Education University lecturer in the Department of Social Science, said the outline development plan should not "fix the position of Hong Kong too concretely," as every region should have its autonomy in its policies of different industries. "Hong Kong's autonomy would be affected if Beijing stated the SAR's post too firmly." The Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Patrick Nip Tak-kuen, said the development plan will point out overall directions, but not necessarily concrete measures. "The development plan will outline a general path, and the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau governments, with the help of relevant Central Government departments, will actualize it, thus there are still many tasks awaiting us," Nip said. Meanwhile, a pro-establishment think tank, "Wisdom Hong Kong," described the low usage rate of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which was supposed to help the Greater Bay Area, as a "main artery lacking blood." Its chairman, Alexander Ng Lik-shan, also a retired doctor, said there are only 3,000 vehicles using thesplayinԍJ(?Nffecthe outut Rer oJ?s, true J@JJ@2J * the script4J@2Jtinue prsing.  * * $errJ0Jrror nuJR * @param strinRrrstr String descriJRJ`?r aramd?ng $errfileJRror occurred inR * @param int $errlLJN(||dJHNin file * @(9u ԏJNJNNmemcacheP shoul99) JN8JȏJmemcachedorHand99g} DJNNJwincache $errco9A@JN,JlJ JtN$NNNJJJԗJessQAnetpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/daily_detail205074YQJse(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resourceeanup_cache.c.html IY0NNN1IJܑJ0NJitem1hJ)N

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