PLA forces run Castle Peak op

Local | Phoenix Un Feb 18, 2019
The People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison conducted its first drill of the year, with special forces units being transported to Castle Peak for an anti-terrorist operation. It was a joint drill by the garrison's army, navy and air force, China Central TV reported on Saturday. It didn't mentioning the date of the drill, which started at 8am with two fleets leaving the naval base at Stonecutters Island. "The landing craft were responsible for the mission of transporting soldiers who would land, and my craft served to protect them," Hong Yinqing, captain of the Qingzhou, told CCTV. "We randomly added the drill of a joint anti-aircraft mission in this navy-air force joint patrol drill." The garrison air force was split into two teams - blue and red. The blue team was responsible for deploying helicopters that disturbed the navy fleet and resisted the naval and anti-aircraft troops. The red team transported two groups of special forces soldiers to Castle Peak to carry out an anti-terrorist mission. The units completed a clear-up operation in the woods and an anti-hijacking operation in an urban area. "We mainly worked on 10 items, including sniping, fire support, scouting and assaulting, and training individual soldiers and fighting in groups," Wang Huiqiang, vice battalion commander of a garrison special forces unit, said. Besides anti-terrorism, the joint drill involved "island and reef defense." It consisted of seven exercises, including joint soldier transportation, joint anti-aircraft defense and joint navy patrols. The drill finished with two garrison helicopters conducting air patrols after linking with the navy task organizations at 10.30am. "The most important point in the drill is to manifest the design of our battle system and the mutual support of each part in it, and we had a drill with all parts working together," said Li Wenyang, head of the garrison's battle and training department. "Then we had the commanding, action and mutual protection of the troops, as well as the coordination of our army, navy and air force." The China Central TV report ended by saying the garrison strictly followed Hong Kong laws regarding sailing channels, harbors and aviation control, and had notified the SAR government in advance.

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