Avengers end with a vengeance

Top News | Amy Nip Apr 26, 2019
<p>Avengers: Endgame has set a record for the biggest opening day for a movie in Hong Kong, raking in HK$20.8 million on Wednesday.</p><p>That was double the previous record set by Avengers: Infinity War, the previous movie in the series, which took HK$10.3 million in April 2018.</p><p>The super-hero movie also broke the record for a single-day box office take - also held by Infinity War with HK$15.9 million.</p><p>Audiences in Hong Kong and the mainland are among first to see the blockbuster.</p><p>It opened here two days before it hit screens in the United States and Canada on April 26.</p><p>An estimated 110,000 Hongkongers flocked to cinemas for 1,136 screenings on the first day.</p><p>And some fans were awake early to catch the first one. That was at 6am in UA CineTimes in Causeway Bay.</p><p>It was also a full house, with queues before sunrise.</p><p>People were in a rush for two reasons: it had been a long wait for this finale, and they wanted to avoid spoilers on the internet.</p><p>Endgame finished a run of 22 Marvel films, including Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America since 2008.</p><p>&quot;The ending of Infinity War prompted me to go catch a screening as soon as possible,&quot; said Andrew Wong, chairman and chief executive of Anli Securities.</p><p>He watched it on Wednesday.</p><p>Infinity War saw villain Thanos apparently wiping out half of all life in the universe, including the super heroes.</p><p>&quot;Marvel movies are unlike other hero films, which reek of Americentrism,&quot; Wong said. &quot;They are made based on accurate estimations of the audience and the market.&quot;</p><p>Elements were added to appeal to women who had not previously watched as many hero movies as men, Wong said.</p><p>Another fan said he bought tickets 17 days in advance but could only get a seat on the fourth row and had to look up throughout a three-hour showing.</p><p>&quot;Of course it&#39;s worth the neck pain,&quot; he said. &quot;People spoil the plot everywhere.&quot;</p><p>In fact, many who have yet to see the movie are avoiding social media like Facebook in case someone reveals the plot in a post.</p><p>Administrators of online forum LIHKG are also on website patrol, deleting posts that spill the story plot.</p><p>And people who do give the game away face being banned from the site.</p><p>In the mainland, ticket sales hit 770 million yuan (HK$895 million) on Wednesday, the highest opening-day total in the country&#39;s history.</p><p>But some people recorded the movie illegally and uploaded it to the internet.</p><p>In Taiwan, three moviegoers were caught recording in a cinema.</p>

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