Tanya's old college praises her bravery

Top News | Amy Nip Apr 26, 2019
<p>More than 1,000 students, staff and alumni of Sacred Heart Canossian College in Pok Fu Lam have signed a petition in support of convicted Tanya Chan.</p><p>That was after the 47-year-old Civic Party legislator, who was in the class of 1990, revealed on Wednesday she was suffering from a brain tumor she described as being the size of a ping-pong ball.</p><p>Chan was supposed to have been sentenced for public nuisance convictions in connection with the Occupy Movement, but that was put off until June 10 as she will be undergoing surgery.</p><p>The statement of support says the girl&#39;s college has been inspiring its students to become leaders committed to the betterment of society, and Chan was said to have showed bravery and perseverance by bearing the legal consequences of her actions in the spirit of civil disobedience.</p><p>&quot;In fact, the House of Pankhurst at Sacred Heart Canossian College was named after Emmeline Pankhurst, a renowned British activist who was repeatedly imprisoned for her untiring efforts in fighting for women&#39;s right to vote,&quot; it noted.</p><p>The signatories, who also included parents and former college staff members, said they were saddened by the news of Chan&#39;s medical condition and wished her a speedy recovery.</p><p>Chan thanked the well-wishers on her Facebook page. &quot;I have received so much support from Sacred Heart yet I have done so little for my alma mater,&quot; she wrote. &quot;I will continue to fight, for my mother, for the other eight Occupy defendants, for the Umbrella Movement, and for all those who love me.&quot;</p><p>Chan had said the tumor was pressing against and bending her brain stem. It could only be ascertained if it is benign or malign with surgery.</p><p>She went to see a second neurosurgeon yesterday. And she went through a magnetic resonance imaging scan in preparation for surgery.</p><p>Chan also met a medical professor to learn more about her treatment.</p><p>Still, she added, &quot;I am more concerned about the four people in Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre, especially Shiu Ka-chun who was hospitalized.&quot;</p><p>She also encouraged Occupy supporters to write letters of support to the four behind bars.</p>

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