Convicted Occupy lawmaker sent to hospital

Top News | Phoenix Un Apr 26, 2019
<p>Lawmaker Shiu Ka-chun was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital custodial ward after feeling unwell at Lai Chi Kok remand center, where he and other jailed Occupy leaders spent the first night behind bars.</p><p>Shiu, 49, convicted of incitement to commit public nuisance and incitement to incite public nuisance, was sentenced to eight months&#39; imprisonment by District Court judge Johnny Chan Jong-herng on Wednesday.</p><p>Sent to the Lai Chi Kok reception center after sentencing, he was taken to the hospital by ambulance at 2pm yesterday after feeling unwell.</p><p>Shiu was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012, and had surgery just before the Occupy conviction on April 9 as the disease affected his eyesight.</p><p>Senior counsel Robert Pang Yiu-hung, on behalf of Shiu in the case, told Chan in mitigation that Shiu&#39;s diabetes was serious and hoped the court would obtain a community services order report for Shiu, but Chan declined.</p><p>During sentencing, Chan said he was sure Shiu would receive proper treatment in the prison, and sentenced him to eight months in jail.</p><p>Chan also said all eight sentenced defendants had &quot;no regret&quot; for what they had done and the public affected deserved an apology from them but they never delivered one.</p><p>But Chu Yiu-ming, the only one of the Occupy trio to have his 16-month imprisonment suspended for two years, said on a radio program yesterday that contrary to what the judge said, the other two of the trio - Benny Tai Yiu-ting and Chan Kin-man, who were sentenced to 16 months in jail - did apologize to the public for the inconvenience they caused.</p><p>&quot;Chan Kin-man did apologize to the public, for we had caused inconvenience by occupying roads. The second apology to the public was made by Tai. We also especially apologized to mom-and-pop stores in Causeway Bay, then we encouraged people to spend in these stores,&quot; Chu said.</p><p>He also recalled how sorrowful he felt when he saw his comrades enter prison on Wednesday.</p><p>&quot;When Kin-man led the other three and looked back, I was heartbroken, for I should have walked along with them,&quot; Chu said.</p><p>During the mitigation Tai and Chan did not ask the judge to spare them from imprisonment, but they asked him not to send Chu to jail.</p><p>&quot;I was so surprised, and it shows the bright side of human nature, something Hong Kong lacks now,&quot; Chu said. &quot;I really didn&#39;t know Kin-man and Professor Tai would say they would not mitigate for themselves but only mitigate for me, to spare me from jail.&quot;</p><p>Contrary to the high praise for his comrades, he criticized those who made mocking remarks against Tanya Chan, who revealed in the court on Wednesday that she had tumor in her brain.</p><p>&quot;When you encounter a person who is sick and facing life-threatening condition, how can they mock the sick? No matter what position he is in, I don&#39;t think he is a human being,&quot; Chu said.</p><p>Chu did not name anybody, but legislator Steven Ho Chun-yin&#39;s Facebook page posted a sentence on Wednesday when sharing the news about Chan: &quot;When it comes to payment, all people say they are critically ill, so you just dominate the game!&quot;</p><p>Her sentencing was adjourned until June 10 as she will need to have surgery soon to remove the tumor.</p><p>Chu went to the Lai Chi Kok reception center at 1.30pm to visit the four imprisoned Occupy leaders, and said he came mainly to support their families.</p><p>Chu said he was worried that the four imprisoned could not be accustomed to jail living, and they would appeal against the conviction because it would affect Hong Kong&#39;s freedom of speech.</p><p>The other imprisoned defendant was Raphael Wong Ho-ming, who wassplayin3p{7ffecthe outut ;er oD3{s, true T33\3@23 * the scriptt3@23tinue prsing.  * * ;; $err3p3rror nu30; * @param strin;rrstr String descri,3H;43{r aram7ng $errfile\30;ror occurred in; * @param int $errl37(DD3H7in file * @(9u 37@377memcacheP shoul99) L37x33memcachedorHand99g} 377@3wincache $errco9A37l33L3t7$7773\3̖33essQAnetpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/daily_detail207191YQؙ3se(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resourceeanup_cache.c.html IY770771I3307ȑ3item13)7ȑ33)(;(7&|17ԑ3@33dbe 1;M833h7 17L33h733db a 1n(D:\inetpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/last_cleanup_cache.c.html) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied When passing 3 arguments, specify each RGBnk(D:\inetpub\thestandard\incl

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