Blunder costs woman spleen

Local | Jane Cheung and Phoenix Un May 16, 2019
<p>A woman had her spleen wrongly removed during an operation, prompting the government to instruct the private hospital to review the surgeon&#39;s performance.</p><p>It is the first case of a medical blunder in a private hospital this year.</p><p>A Department of Health spokesman said a 57-year-old woman had her spleen wrongly removed in a kidney tumor operation at St Paul&#39;s Hospital in Causeway Bay on March 25.</p><p>The hospital reported the case to the department on March 27.</p><p>&quot;The department immediately followed up on the case and requested the hospital to submit a report in four weeks,&quot; the spokesman said. &quot;The hospital has submitted the report to the department.&quot;</p><p>After reviewing the report, it found the incident was not caused by violations of the Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Maternity Homes Registration Ordinance or the Code of Practice for Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Maternity Homes.</p><p>&quot;As for the professional performance of the surgeon, the department has instructed the hospital to submit the case to its medical advisory committee for review.&quot;</p><p>The Standard reached out to the hospital, but didn&#39;t receive a response.</p><p>Last year, there were six incidents reported by private hospitals, involving four patients with materials retained in their bodies after surgeries and two patients who committed suicide.</p><p>In January 2017, the department received a report from Hong Kong Baptist Hospital involving a 42-year-old patient suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma.</p><p>The patient was supposed to undergo electrotherapy, but instead received a therapy treatment meant for another patient.</p><p>The therapist only stopped treatment during the session upon .</p><p>Another incident involved Union Hospital, as the department found a reportable event while investigating another complaint.</p><p>It involved a 49-year-old patient who underwent surgery to remove her uterus, both ovaries and oviducts, and on a polyp on her vulva in December 2016.</p><p>However, a polyp on her left thigh was removed instead of that on her vulva.</p>

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