Xi focuses on open-China policy

World | REUTERS May 16, 2019
<p>China will only be more open to the world, President Xi Jinping said, as he denounced those who believe in cultural superiority as &quot;stupid,&quot; in his first public address since trade tension with Washington spiked last week.</p><p>China and the United States are in an escalating trade war, with both levying tariffs on each other&#39;s imports.</p><p>China on Monday set higher tariffs on US$60 billion (HK$468 billion) worth of US goods, effective June 1, in retaliation to the US raising levies on US$200 billion worth of Chinese imports.</p><p>Xi was addressing a forum in Beijing and focused on presenting China as a non-threatening country open to all. He said the Chinese have exchanged and learned from other cultures, including Buddhism, Marxism and Islam.</p><p>&quot;China in the future will take on an even more open stance to embrace the world,&quot; he added.</p><p>No country could stand alone, Xi said, perhaps taking an indirect swipe at US President Donald Trump&#39;s &quot;America First&quot; policy.</p><p>&quot;Civilizations will lose vitality if countries go back to isolation and cut themselves off from the rest of the world,&quot; Xi said.</p><p>China was upset by comments reported in US media last month by a State Department official who said Washington was involved in &quot;a fight with a really different civilization&quot; when it came to China. Xi told the forum that civilizations were not destined to clash.</p><p>&quot;It is stupid to believe that one&#39;s race and civilization are superior to others, and it is disastrous to willfully reshape or even replace other civilizations.&quot;</p><p>Xi, however, offered no new concrete measures to open China up, aside from proposing an Asia tourism promotion plan.</p><p>China has faced opposition to some of its global ambitions, mainly in the West but especially in the United States, where there has been suspicion of Chinese technology, Xi&#39;s Belt and Road Initiative and government-run Confucius Institutes to teach Mandarin.</p>

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