Siege mentality strikes Legco

Top News | Phoenix Un Jun 12, 2019
<p>Protesters will besiege the Legislative Council today and keep up the intense pressure until lawmakers vote on the controversial extradition laws next Thursday with Hong Kong facing strikes, class boycotts, shop closures and other forms of resistance against the &quot;evil&quot; bill.</p><p>A planned overnight camp-out at Legco last night was washed away by a heavy downpour. But when the rain eased at 9pm, over 1,000 people began assembling at Tamar Park near the chamber building at Admiralty.</p><p>Another 200 also started gathering outside Admiralty MTR Station from 9.30pm.</p><p>Earlier in the evening, riot police with shields and helmets were stationed at the Admiraltystation, stopping pedestrians, making body-searches and ordering people to leave.</p><p>Sunday&#39;s massive protest, with crowds estimated at a stunning 1.03 million, failed to persuade Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor to make any concessions. She also refused to postpone the resumption today of the second reading of the bill.</p><p>Leaders of the Civil Human Rights Front, including convener Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit and vice convener Figo Chan Ho-wun, met the media yesterday along with pan-democrat legislators.</p><p>They planned to surround the Legco building and remain outside at least until next Thursday, when the bill could have its third reading vote.</p><p>Sham slammed Lam for ignoring the opinion of 1.03 million citizens. &quot;Somebody asked me if it&#39;s still useful to protest, but I must say that if the bill passes, Hong Kong will become useless,&quot; he said. &quot;I believe the 1.03 million people will come out again. Hong Kong will never walk alone.&quot;</p><p>He said encircling Legco would start at 10am today - one hour before the Legco meeting starts. He said it would not for him to decide when to end the action. &quot;It&#39;s up to you , Carrie Lam, to decide when the protest will end, as we will end it as soon as you withdraw the bill.&quot;</p><p>He also called for a general strike by workers, businessmen and students starting from Monday, saying that such a general strike would be too soon for today and it would require more time for preparation.</p><p>Claudia Mo Man-ching, convener of the Democracy Camp Meetings, said she hoped there would be enough people to surround Legco building, saying: &quot;If Carrie Lam doesn&#39;t scrap the bill, we will stay on, and Hongkongers will fight on.&quot;</p><p>Mo also said they were calling for &quot;encircling&quot; not &quot;besieging&quot; the Legco, adding: &quot;I hope the crowd won&#39;t rush onto the roads.&quot;</p><p>A Mr Wong, in his 70s, said he wanted to stay at Tamar Park overnight, but he decided to leave after discussing it with his friends.</p><p>&quot;But I will return in the early morning and stay outside the Legco. This is for justice and freedom.&quot;</p><p>After the online calls to surround the building, the Legco protest zone and Civic Square were closed. More than 100 police were deployed outside Legco, either at their posts or on patrol.</p><p>More 1,000 shops, restaurants and companies have threatened to go on strike today. At least 500 workers from social welfare organizations and religious groups will also strike, which will affect non-emergency services at non-governmental organizations.</p><p>The workers come from 52 groups, including two major social workers&#39; unions.</p><p>Labour Party lawmaker Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung said they did not want to call a strike of the social welfare sector as it might adversely affect the well-being of elderly, disabled, young children, families in need. &quot;However, we are forced by Carrie Lam&#39;s government to come here,&quot; he said.</p><p>Strike action has snowballed, with aviation stasplayinp_ffecthe outut er oD_s, true T\@2 * the scriptt@2tinue prsing.  * * $errprror nu0 * @param strinrrstr String descri,H4_r aram_ng $errfile\0ror occurred in * @param int $errl(Hin file * @(9u @memcacheP shoul99) LxmemcachedorHand99g} @wincache $errco9AlLt$\̖essQAnetpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/daily_detail208534YQؘnetpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/daily_detail208534.c.html IY01I0ȑitem1)_)((&`1ԑ@dbe 1M83h 1Lhdb a 1n(D:\inetpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/last_cleanup_cache.c.html) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied When passing 3 arguments, specify each RGBnk(D:\inetpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/last_cleanup_cache.c.html)l)ew Securimage_Color('#0080FF'); * $color = new Securimage_Color(0, 128, 255); nk(D:\inetpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files) [function.unlink]: Permission denied/a>]: Permission denied$color = '#ffff{ $args̔get_args();  if (sizof($args) = {  A sql_statementfilesthis9A`\؜writetorage/ A980time_in_secondiles/or,AФ_ 63565910v1P ؕ63565999 p7fieldname Scur19=z|̖@2h_row 1 1_@2f($011`hhЗv[11ttime 91(0Зhvalue 99ܗ8endin3 argument9&`0r 8 ompoAXnetpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/55 YA0netpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/last_cleanup_cache.c.htmlY`ission deniedof 71 bytes -d < ) $red t if ($red 5) $red = 255; Hf ($green < 0) !l Y!{s:4:"time";s:10:"1560670488";s:5:"value";s:10:"1560670488";s:5:"endin"; $blYdiskeA؏l8؜time_in_secondiles/ssAAD:\inetpub\thestandard\includephp_fast_cache.php* @par9Au˺ _systemeate/uc99H$@valuetoragerea9`netpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//files/dailynews_other173468.c.htmlfffe i1a (_f ($luei1H_netpub\thestandard\include/cache_storage//config.b7222c331a54c97792d3fdd92ca6fffe.cache.iniIi0x`P@1I@vr1 1P`file 1/** * Securimage CAPTCHA Class. * * A class for creating and validating secure CAPTCHA images and audio. * * The class contains many options regarding appearance, security, storage of * captcha data and image/audio generation options. * * @version 3.5.2 * @package Securimage * @subpackage classes * @author Drew Phillips * */ )(W(8WI)UHUUPUU(UUUUI/** * How transparent to make the text. * * 0 = completely opaque, 100 = invisible * * @var int */with (nI-_UPWtext_transparency_percentageconIIb WH!WWwordlist_file_encoding xII-_`Wtext_transparency_percentageans)IU-_(Uion"I)bW WWMWwordlist_file_encodingxI/** * Whether or not to draw the text transparently. * * true = use transparency, false = no transparency * * @var bool */ if(stret A?@6use_transparent_texted.AA?@6Uuse_transparent_textimeQA/** * The length of the captcha code * @var int */rted.<Q829Adż code_lengthhave9code_length9Adż (hcode_length " *)9آ Adż A(Uere )/** * Whether the captcha s

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