Smart parking, toilet coming soon

Local | Staff reporter Jun 12, 2019
An automatic parking system being tested by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department would allow more vehicles to park at its Kowloon Bay headquarters.

The three-layered system at the department's car park allows 13 cars to park in spaces designated for five vehicles.

The system cost HK$3 million to develop under a public-private cooperation, according to Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Alfred Sit Wing-hang.

He hopes to share the technology with the Transport Department, which can use it in smart car parks in the future.

There is no timetable on when the public can test the system yet.

Another innovative project by the department is a "smart toilet," where the color of its ceiling light changes from green to red when a person goes into a cubicle. This allows people to know whether a toilet is occupied without pushing the door. Users can check the availability of toilets on a mobile app, as well as make bookings to use one.

The innovations came to light yesterday as the department signed a memorandum of cooperation with local universities and research institutions to establish a strategic partnership to support the application of innovation and technology in government departments.

The universities are Chinese University, City University, Polytechnic University, University of Hong Kong, and University of Science and Technology.

The research institutions include the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp, Hong Kong Cyberport Management, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre, Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems R&D Centre, and Nano and Advanced Materials Institute.

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