End to bad trips for commuters

Local | Cissy So Jun 12, 2019
<p>A new alighting reminder function will be launched on MTR Corporation&#39;s app today to remind people glued to phones to disembark at the correct station.</p><p>The new function on MTR Mobile is enabled by Beacon Technology and GPS. It will prompt passengers who input their trips in the app with notifications when they need to get off to interchange trains or have arrived at their final destination.</p><p>The function applies to every rail network and the Airport Express, but passengers must have their Bluetooth and phone&#39;s location services turned on.</p><p>A train symbol will be displayed on the route in the app while the train is moving and the app will show the station where users need to get off.</p><p>Passengers don&#39;t need to keep the app open or check it constantly throughout their journeys. However, passengers need to switch on the notification function in order to receive alerts.</p><p>When passengers need to disembark to interchange trains or arrive at their final destination, their phones will vibrate and make a sound. Push messages are also available.</p><p>Another function is an upgraded version of trip planner.</p><p>As long as users have their location services turned on, the app will automatically enter the users&#39; location before they plan their trips.</p><p>Currently, when passengers inquire about a trip on the app, the &quot;train trip planner&quot; and &quot;Light Rail planner&quot; provides information about MTR or Light Rail journeys closest to the starting point and destination selected.</p><p>The first stage of the upgraded version combines these two planners and provides other connecting public transport information, such as minibuses, buses and ferry services.</p><p>In the next stage, transport data related to service disruptions will also be incorporated into the function.</p><p>For example, it will provide alternative route suggestions to passengers with real-time information when there is a service delay on a particular line.</p><p>Another new function that starts today is the real-time schedule, which provides updated information on the arrival of MTR buses on eight routes.</p><p>The rest of the routes will be launched in the second half of the year.</p><p>Passengers can obtain the estimated arrival time for buses based on the real-time location of MTR buses. In addition, passengers must have the location services of their phones switched on to look for MTR bus stops within a 500 meter radius, and the system will refresh and provide a real-time schedule roughly every 45 seconds.</p><p>The MTRC said it will keep looking through users&#39; advice and comments in order to further improve the app.</p><p>The MTR Mobile app launched in 2010 and is used by more than 1.2 million mobile devices per month.</p><p>Passengers can access all kinds of information, including fares, suggested routes and station facilities.</p><p></p>

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